Technical specifications

SOLETAIR process aims for 100% renewable solution, which combines CO2 from air and electricity from sun into sustainable consumer products. Our demonstration facility includes a solar field and three mobile container units: electrolyzer for hydrogen production, direct air capture for CO2 production and intensified synthesis reactors for hydrocarbon production. Our ambition is to integrate these units successfully and demonstrate that 100% renewable future is possible

Phase 1: Renewable energy

Solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity is used as a renewable energy source in our SOLETAIR system to produce electricity especially to the hydrogen unit that is the most energy intensive part in the system.

Renewable energy plant consists of flat roof, carport, wall, 2-axis tracking, and manual tracking solar PV installations. The total installed power is 206.5 kWp. The panels of the fixed systems are mainly faced to south, but one wall mounting is faced to west. The slope degree in the all systems is 15° despite of the wall mounting systems. The size of the flat roof system is 56.5 kWp, carports 108 kWp, walls 36.8 kWp (18.4 kWp to south, 18.4 kWp to west), 2-axis tracking 5 kWp, and manual tracking 250 Wp. West wall installation can be seen from the site of the SOLETAIR demonstration plant. The total solar PV panel area is about 1500 m2 and it includes totally 827 panels.

Renewable solar energy powers the process.

Renewable energy plant includes different solar PV panel technology based on silicon. Both mono- (mono-Si) and poly-crystalline (poly-Si) panels are used. In addition, part of the panels are manufactured by back-contacted metal wrap through module technology, in which all the contacts are on the rear side of the cell. Conventional technology is H-pattern. All the panel strings are connected to string inverters instead of the manual tracking system that has a micro inverter.

Renewable energy production is measured by the automation system and the data is stored to a database. Real time measurements of renewable energy production are available for each single solar PV power plant. The production numbers can be found from the webpages; real time renewable energy production and renewable energy production history data. The SOLETAIR site is connected to the solar PV power plant through the internal electricity grid.

Phase 2: Hydrogen production

Phase 3: Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Phase 4: Mobile Synthesis Unit (MOBSU)

Phase 5: Refinining of renewable products

Phase 6: Renewable consumer products

Specific calculations

  • FT Products


  • Energy Consumption


  • CO2 Input


  • Water Consumption



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