Oy Hydrocell Ltd manufactures brush–type heat exchangers, heat-recovery units and regenerative CO2 filters. Our product range includes SFC direct methanol fuel cells and HCell fuel cell casings and cabinets for use in temperatures down to –45°C.

Our brush-type heat exchangers are an efficient and unique type of heat-transfer device developed in cooperation with Aalto University. Featuring a large surface area and a low pressure drop, they are used in our HCell heat-recovery units to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by utilizing the heat energy in exhaust air. HCell heat-recovery units can be used in all types of building and even in industrial applications.

Hydrocell has also launched an innovative and high-quality solution for capturing CO2 from ambient air. Known as DAC (Direct Air Capture), it can be used in fossil fuel-free energy technology applications such as power to gas (P2G). The DAC unit in the VTT/LUT Soletair project is supplied by Hydrocell.

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