SOLETAIR pilot opened by Jamie Hyneman

Johanna Kihlman/14.06.2017/news

The SOLETAIR pilot site was officially opened by Jamie Hyneman from MythBusters, CEO of VTT Antti Vasara and Rector of LUT Juha-Matti Saksa. The SOLETAIR pilot site is now in operation and the first batches of Fischer-Tropsch products have already been manufactured.

The SOLETAIR pilot site was officially opened today in sunny Lappeenranta. More than 70 visitors from industry, academia, institutions and media were present when Jamie Hyneman ignited explosive samples of conventional diesel and high-quality SOLETAIR diesel. Both Antti Vasara and Juha-Matti Saksa emphasized the importance of turning scientific research into applicable solutions for the sustainable future.

Video from the opening can be found from LUT Facebook site.

SOLETAIR staff ready to receive visitors, from left: Christian Frilund, Francisco Vidal Vazquez, Harri Nieminen and Niko Heikkinen.

Cyril Bajamundi presenting Direct Air Capture to Jamie Hyneman.

Tim Böltken, CEO of SOLETAIR Fischer-Tropsch provider IneraTec GmbH, holding a candle made from SOLETAIR Fischer-Tropsch wax.

There were more than 70 visitor on the site. All containers were open for visiting.



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